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Welcome to BK9Hoopers.

BK9Hoopers aims to promote the growth of Canine Hoopers throughout the UK by creating safe flowing courses for dogs, with progressive skills/tests throughout the levels to make the sport enjoyable for all, while promoting distance handling and high standards when competing, training and judging. We encourage advancement in training using reward-based methods enabling all dogs and handlers to reach their potential.

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Karen Doig

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Frequently asked questions.

My dog is Reactive, can we compete at BK9Hoopers ?

Hoopers is a great way of building your dogs confidence and your relationship. BK9Hoopers caters for "Yellow Dogs" with fully enclosed rings, a calm environment and every dog is given the "space" it requires.

I'm not really interested in competing, what does BK9Hoopers offer me?

We offer a variety of On Line Awards for you to work through at home, and even "virtual shows" where you can send in a video of your dog completing a predetermined course, win rosettes and collect points towards "Achievement Certificates".

What is Hoopers?

Hoopers is a fast growing dog sport where you are testing your skill in navigating your dog around a course of obstacles including hoops, tunnels, barrels and mats. the courses are smooth and flowing, making it a low impact sport suitable for most dogs and handlers, no matter their age or size.

How do I become a Member, and what does Membership cost?

Click on the Members App link and sign up today, a life time membership costs £5 per person and £5 per dog.

Where can I find the rules for BK9Hoopers?

The link to the Rules is under Information.

I have competed in Hoopers with other organisations, do I have to start again from the beginning ? And how do I enter?

Simple answer is no. You can register your dog at an appropriate level equivalent to your level in other organisations, There is a table with suggested equivalent levels in the Rules section. To enter a show, register on the Members app , all shows are available to enter there.