Privacy Policy

Published: 29th Dec 2023

This privacy statement describes how we use data in our Website, and Service. Some of the data we use is considered “personal data” under applicable law. However, even when we use personal data, we generally have no way of actually identifying you as an individual, and our users are essentially anonymous to us. The specific categories of data that we collect, use, or otherwise process can vary from one purpose to another, and in some cases based on your location. This privacy statement sets out when, how, and why we process your data (including but not limited to personal data), as well as your rights under applicable law.

Account. If you choose to create an account we will ask for an email address (Purpose: to allow you to access the Service. Legal basis: Contractual grounds.). This email address will be used to identify you as a user and for password recovery. You can modify your account, delete it, or request a copy of your data.

Use of Cookies. We use cookies on our websites for session management and retaining your settings or preferences. We may also use third-party cookies to collect visitor statistics and measure our marketing campaigns. If you would like to reject third-party cookies, please configure your browser’s settings accordingly.

There are some third party cookies on our websites. For your overview, we list categories below.

Category A: Analytics, this is done for the purpose of optimising our sites.

Category B: Marketing campaigns, with purpose to measure the effectiveness of these.

Category C: Site availability, with the purpose of monitoring to what extent our sites are available.

Our website may set cookies from the following third parties:

Necessary cookies:

Cookie Name Purpose
_hoopers_app_session Strictly necessary cookie that facilitates user sessions

Children’s Privacy. There are no guarantees that children cannot enter our websites or use our applications without parental consent or notification. Therefore, and as provided in our Terms, we require children to include their parents while using our Service, and we encourage parents to read this privacy statement before allowing their children to use our applications and services.

Your Rights. You have the right to make a request to access or delete any of your personal data that we might possess. You can make a request via . You may be required to provide additional information to authenticate your request. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), the United Kingdom’s Data Protection Authority, which can be contacted through their webpage.

Statement Updates. BK9Hoopers reserves the right to update or change this statement at any time. We encourage you to review this statement periodically.

Contact. If you have any questions about this statement or any privacy issues in our applications or services, feel free to email [email protected]